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ForbiddenFruitz Best Electric Herb Grinder - Choose Colours

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Introducing the ForbiddenFruitz "Best" Electric Herb Grinder - Automatic Herb Grinder & Dispenser

Getting the perfect grind has never been easier - or more satisfying. The ForbiddenFruitz Best Electric Grinder has been precision made with ultra sharp stainless steel blade teeth to get the perfect, fluffy grind that works great in vaporisers & pipes. Simply fill with the desired amount of herb and twist, the electric powered grinder gives you great results every time. A handy dispenser spout at the top of the grinder makes it easy to unload the chamber without losing any herb.

This modern, new style of grinder has an internal battery so you don't need to worry about swapping batteries and finding out you have none in the cupboards! Simply charge with the provided USB cable as you would with any other modern device and you can be ready to grind.

Simple & easy to use, 3 clicks to turn on & 3 clicks to turn off. Features LED lights to show power level & charging status. Available in 4 colours. 


  • 1 ForbiddenFruitz Electric Grinder
  • 1 Micro USB Charger Cable
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1  Box

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