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EasyLeaf Electric Herb Grinder

Brand: Easyleaf
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UPC: 664213881001
size: 22.00 W × 17.00 H × 5.00 L
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EasyLeaf Electric Herb Grinder Modern design at its best What EasyLeaf say: The Easyleaf Electric grinder extracts the vital ingredient in herb. Powered by a 9v motor, the unique blade design uses centrifugal force to separate the lighter residue from the ground herbs. After a few seconds of quiet grinding, the dust is collected in the lid, whilst the ground herb is in the bowl. Magic! As well enabling you to get more out of your herbs, the Easyleaf Electric is modern design at its best. Made from precision-engineered acrylic, the grinder has a smooth, chunky feel. What Forbidden Fruitz say: This is truly amazing. When the Easyleaf electric herb grinder came floating into the office, I have to admit I was pretty dubious. A long time lover of the original electric herb grinder (above), I found it difficult to believe that this hefty tool with smaller blades could come close to the chopping capability of its predecessor. How wrong was I? Having tested this little baby, I have to say that I was stunned! The tiny blades rotate at a very high speed, crumbling your herbs into the most incredibly fine powder, which falls through little gaps in the rotor into a specially designed compartment.