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WOLKENKRAFT FX Mini Replacement Mouthpiece

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The FX Mini vaporizer has captured our hearts with its astonishing power packed into a remarkably compact size. If you're a vaping enthusiast, you're well aware of the meticulous cleaning routine necessary to maintain your vape's peak performance. Say goodbye to mediocre clouds and lackluster flavor! Our FX Mini Vaporizer Replacement Mouthpiece not only resets vapor production but also revitalizes the original essence of your favorite FX Mini vaporiser. Embrace the essence of your initial vaping journey as every puff becomes an explosion of intense flavor and dense clouds.

Upgrade your vaping game with the FX Mini Vaporizer Replacement Mouthpiece - an essential for enthusiasts seeking continued unmatched performance and extraordinary taste. Elevate your vaping experience today!


  • 1 ORIGINAL WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI replacement mouthpiece

You can find the FX Mini here in blue or wood finish


 What ForbiddenFruitz say:

"We love the FX Mini, it's a surprisingly powerful vaporiser for such a compact size. If you're vaping then you will no doubt be familiar with the cleaning regime required to keep your vape at the peak of it's performance.Having a clear pathway for the vapour is essential at all times and fitting a new mouthpiece enhances the flavour back to how it was when you first picked up the Wolkenkraft FX Mini."