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WOLKENKRAFT FX Mini Glass Bubbler

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This Wolkenkraft FX Mini Glass Bubbler is the perfect companion for the Wolkekraft FX Mini vaporiser. If you're looking for a premium quality water bubbler which delivers fresh, tasty water vapour then look no further. 


  • 1 WOLKENKRAFT Water Filter Bubbler

You can find the FX Mini here in blue or wood finish

 What Forbidden Fruitz say:

"We love the FX Mini, it's a surprisingly powerful vaporiser for such a compact size. If you're new to vaping then a bubbler is glass attachment that goes onto the mouthpiece of the vaporiser, and once filled with water it cools down hot vapour without comprising the effectiveness, and in many instances enhances the flavour as there is less heat. Many vapers love using bubblers as it's a way of getting cool, water vapour without the need of a cumbersome bong" 

CAUTION: Vaporisers are usually electronic. Therefore they must not come into contact with water. Please do not fill too much water and keep the water filter so that no water runs out! Before putting it on the Vaporiser, please check that no water can run into the Vaporiser or heating chamber!