Vivant Dabox Water Filter

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Vivant DaBox Water Filter

Pure just got Purer...

The DaBox water filter from Vivant is a brilliant add on and a must have for all you dab heads out there. Its magnetic which makes its easy to attach, it has a hidden silicone wax container that features a non-stick surface and built-in dab tool for easy access to your wax concentrates. The Vivant Dabox Vaporiser is one of the most simple, convenient and powerful portable wax Vaporisers on the market. Now you can enjoy true water purification and moisture conditioning with zero chance of water leakage. Experience the flavour-rich, potent and dense cloudy hits of the Dabox with a much smoother inhale. This is THE must have accessory for dabbers.

This is a 100% authentic Vivant part.