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Quintessential Maxi-Pack Hemp Coated

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UPC: 5060162780108
size: 22.00 W × 17.00 H × 4.00 L

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Quintessential Maxi-Pack Hemp Coated

Chlorine free roaching

What Quintessential say:

Made to the same exacting specifications as the tips, the Maxi Packs are a bigger book, comprising of 4 tips per page, perforated for easy removal. That gives you a handy sized booklet of 200 tips! Great to keep at home but still handy enough to tote around, these Made in Cornwall Maxi Packs are made from our FSC paper stock, to which we then apply our own unique process, coating the paper with Organic food-grade hemp oil. This creates an ethical, great tasting natural smoking tip that are for people who like a neat stock of hemp on a budget !

What Forbidden Fruitz say:

Use a lot of roach? Then this is for you, as the name suggests is full of Quintessential Hemp coated roach. Perforated for ease of use. Chlorine free & four times more than regular packs.

100% Pure Hemp also available.