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ForbiddenFruitz Premium Max Vacuum Sealer Machine

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UPC: 664213878322
Warranty: 12 Month

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The ForbiddenFruitz Premium Max Vacuum Sealer Machine, the perfect way to seal your herbs & perishables to lock in the freshness & odour! Keeps your products smell proof during transportation! With it's simple & easy to use design, you can use the sealer straight from the box. The superior build quality and constant temperature element ensures you get the perfect seal every time! The premium sealer gives you the option to vacuum the air out of the bag and seal, or to just seal the bag without vacuuming the air. Suitable for both wet & dry goods, the 5 temperature settings give you better control on how to seal your bags depending on whether the contents are wet or dry. The premium aluminium casing makes the sealer durable and hard wearing.

Fresh | Anti-Bacterial | Moisture-Proof | Mould-Proof 

Features & Specification:

  • Vacuum packs & seals perishables
  • Ensures freshness during transportation
  • Ease to use & operate
  • 5 Temperature settings for sealing wet or dry goods
  • Lockable side clips
  • Ready to use from the box
  • Superior quality build
  • 15 Vacuum bags supplied

Quick Guide:

  • Open the side locking safety clips
  • Pack your bag with your product, be careful not to over pack
  • Ensure the bag is positioned correctly in the sealer
  • Close lid and secure safety clips
  • Choose between Seal, Vac or Vac & Seal depending on your goods
  • Wait for the sealer to finish
  • You can now open the sealer, ready for use again (leave 1 minute between use)

What Forbidden Fruitz Say:

"We love our more cost friendly sealer the VaccaPacca but the Premium Max Sealer has the edge as it has a quality, brushed aluminium finish, adjustable temperature settings and more control over the sealing options. Whether you're using this for herb, or for foods such as wet & dry goods, the Premium Sealer gives you the perfect way to seal & store items, it comes with 15 bags so you can get sealing straight away. "


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