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DaVinci IQ2 Portable Vaporiser

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Brand: DaVinci
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Warranty: 12 Month

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The brand new DaVinci IQ2 Portable Vaporiser

For connoisseurs who simply want the very best portable, dual-use conduction vaporizer, DaVinci’s newest provides cooler vapor and the ultimate flavour and control. The IQ2 empowers you to not only customise your vaping experience through precision temperature and adjustable air flow, but also empowers you to track and report your dose per draw and per session.


DaVinci’s Legacy of exceptionally clean vaporisers continues like the other DaVinci vaporisers, the IQ2 is built with purity in mind with medical-grade components. No metal or plastic parts touch your herb or contaminate the flavour of your vapor. The airtight, all ceramic air path is engineered with zirconia and a glass-lined oven to ensure unprecedented purity and flavour.


NEW: Air Dial™ for Adjustable Air Flow. Using the IQ2’s air flow dial, adjust your device for easier draws and enjoy vapor that is 50% cooler than other vaporisers. Reduce your draw resistance and experience bigger, denser vapor.


NEW: On Device and In-App Dosage Calculation. Input your strain potency and the amount of herb or extracts in your oven and your IQ2 will track and report dose per draw and per session. Add a maximum dose per session in the app and your IQ2 will alert you when you have reached your desired dose.


Compatible With: Dry Herb & Extracts
Capacity: 0.5g Dry Herb Oven, 0.2g Dosage Pod
Heating System: Glass Lined Oven, Heat-not-burn Conduction
Air Flow: Adjustable, Five Levels
Air Path: Airtight, Glass and Zirconia Ceramic
Temperature Control: Smart Paths and Precision Temperature Mode On Device LED Display and App Control
Smartphone App: Personalisation, Temperature Control, Track and Report Dosage, Update Firmware

What Forbidden Fruitz Say:

"We are big fans of the original DaVinci IQ, so how were keen to see how the new IQ2 holds up to the well regarded IQ. Well, we weren't disappointed, as the IQ holds onto all the great features that made the original so satisfying to use, and it significantly improves on them. Although the IQ2 is conduction & not convection, you wouldn't notice as the glass lined, ceramic oven uses technology that heats up the herb and doesn't burn which leaves you with a much superior taste. The new IQ also features in-app dosage calculation, which means the app uses calculations of the amount of herb used & also the strain to track your dose per draw and per session, clever eh. Another great new feature is the adjustable air flow wheel, meaning you get greater control over the amount of vapour you want to inhale, it's simple but neat feature that now it has it, you wonder how you went so long without it. We really love the new IQ2 and we are sure you will too!"

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