Choosing The Best Rolling Papers For You

Choosing The Best Rolling Papers For You

Choosing the wrong rolling papers can massively decrease your smoking experience, they could be too course on your lips or too light to carry the herb you are smoking, and things could get messy! Seen below are a few different materials that are the common choices that some use for rolling papers.


Flax rolling papers are increasing in popularity each day with it being one of most up and coming choices. Whilst it is rather uncommon to have just pure flax rolling papers, manufacturers tend to pair it with wood pulp as the pulp from a plant-based material such as flax works well. This combination of the two, forms smooth and suitable-burning rolling papers.

Wood Pulp

Speaking of wood pulp, this material is also a great material for rolling papers. It is a long-lasting favourite in the smoking scene, in the early days of smoking and rolling papers. Wood pulp would be used to satisfy the habits of peasants in Europe. Wood pulp is still used a lot by manufacturers in their rolling papers today due to the beneficial attributes that it contains.


Hemp rolling papers are a popular favourite here at Forbidden Fruitz, we offer a range of hemp products, check out an example of them here. The reason why we are such big fans of hemp rolling papers is because the material is one of the safest and pleasant materials out there on the market. Additionally, using hemp pulp within rolling papers helps to boost the hemp economy. This is important as it makes it much easier for hemp producers to keep making clothes, food, fuel, and plenty more consumer goods.


Rice rolling papers gained their popularity in the 19th century as this was a time when rolling papers and smoking was very common amongst people at the time. The reason for its popularity is because rice was one of the cheapest and most attainable assets to people at that time and still is today. It is also very good for making crisp, easy-burning rolling papers due to its thin and small grainy structure. Rice is not as popular as it once was though however, most manufacturers in the 21 st century have switched to different substances like hemp or wood pulp.

It Comes Down to Quality 

Now although we have mentioned the most common types and sources for making rolling papers, it all boils down to the actual quality of the product sometimes. You could have a hemp pulp papers that are lower quality and rice rolling papers that are top of the line. One of the popular rolling paper brands we recommend is ‘Raw’, we offer a select range of raw rolling paper products, these can be seen on our dedicated page.

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