XVAPE FOG Convection Vaporiser | ForbiddenFruitz

XVAPE FOG Convection Vaporiser | ForbiddenFruitz

Welcome to the XVAPE Fog dry herb vape. What makes this different to others is its hybrid heating technique, not to mention the high quality anodised aluminium body with stainless steel heating chamber and jewellery grade ceramic mouthpiece. Get yours today! We will not be beaten on price! Buy Your XVAPE Fog NOW!

The Fog predominantly uses convection technology over conduction heating, which makes this unit remarkable for a variety of reasons. Convection and conduction are two different ways of heating things. In general terms, conduction involves passing heat around an item to heat it up. Convection requires that a heating element or heat source touch the item to be heated. 

Aromatic blends get cooked by hot air from the tiny holes at the bottom without directly contacting the materials like conduction vaporisers, giving off a smooth and extremely favourable taste. With the ability to do all of that, whilst giving off a swaggy smart look, this vaporiser is a perfect fit for your hand, not too big and not too small. Which means it can be easily stored into a pocket or a bag.

Temperature Flexibility
The Fog uses the traditional one-button arrangement which means all the actions operate through a series of button presses.
Three presses will turn the device on and off, holding the button down will adjust the heat setting to the next highest temperature.
Hold the button for 5 seconds and you should see the device start cycling through temperatures 1 to 5. Release the button on the temperature you would like to use for your vaping session. The funky green LED lights which is located on the side of the device, will give you a insight on how much you have adjusted the temperature.

                XVAPE Fog Vaporiser

How it Works
Pack it, there’s a slope around the chamber which makes loading easy and simple.

Another cool feature to XVAPE Fog is the stainless steel concentrate pad which can be easily inserted into the heating chamber, allowing you to convert the fog from the herb to concentrate vaping. Awesome right?

The mouthpiece/cap is magnetic as opposed to screwing onto the base, this allows for quick load time and easy maintenance. This vaporiser also produces very little smell when used, and its smooth design makes it effortless to clean so unwanted odours won’t cling to it.

Battery Life
The battery life of the XVAPE Fog is quite decent. The Fog is powered by a 2600 mAh removable 18650 battery which gives it a hefty charge. This means you can easily plan ahead and stock up on batteries for long travel excursions which means you have to worry about a dead vaporiser again.

The XVAPE Fog conveniently uses pass-through charging so you can use it while it’s plugged in making it an exceptionally convenient vape to have around. What else could you want?

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