Who are Storz and Bickel and Where Can I Buy in the UK?

Who are Storz and Bickel and Where Can I Buy in the UK?

Storz and Bickel produce a range of vaping products that always satisfy their customers. Here at Forbidden Fruitz, we are a proud Storz & Bickel UK Supplier Read more to find out about the company and what vaping products they sell. BUY HERE

Who are Storz and Bickel?

Graphic Designer Markus Storz started working on herbal vaporisers back in 1996, way before vaping became as popular as they are today! Then in 1999, after years of research and development, the Volcano patent for a detachable balloon was granted. Markus Storz released the trademark Volcano vaporiser in 2000. The detachable balloon delivered users with the availability of movement.

In 2003, Storz & Bickel started to target the US market as a brand-new demographic of vaporising herbal smokers began to grow. Within two years of their release in the US, they had succeeded and the release of 110V Volcano helped the company gain a foothold in the US market. The company had grown so much, that in 2005 ‘Storz & Bickel America’ was founded in Oakland, CA.

The demand for Storz & Bickel was growing and the company built their first factory for the production of medical her Going Electric. Then in 2007, they released their first electronic vaporiser, the Volcano Digit. Storz & Bickel then received a certificate which assured the safety of their products.

Storz and Bickel produce a range of vaping products like the Volcano. The Volcano turned 20 years old in 2020 and is still one of the best performing devices in the vaping industry. To celebrate this they release a limited edition gold-plated Volcano Classic. The prototype of the Volcano was in 1996. The Volcano is the best well known Hot Air Generator on the market. Additionally, they’ve made other products like the Crafty+, Volcano Hybrid and Mighty Medic.

In 2021 Storz and Bickel made a factory extension. This extension, due to growth in the company adds 3.720m² which will be primarily used for production lines.

Storz and Bickel Products

Crafty+ - This battery-powered, compacted, portable vaporiser allows outstanding vapour quality. To enhance the user’s experiences Storz and Bickel have improved the flavour and airflow for this device. The Crafty+ does not sacrifice performance.

Volcano Hybrid – This device features an impressive design with a slick display with integrated touch buttons. Pre-heating the Volcano Hybrid has improved to 40 seconds. That isn’t the only thing that has improved! The Volcano Hybrid now features a new rotatable tube system that offers a second inhalation method. Instead of doing it the classic way, you can do it a new way!

Mighty+ - This device features a USB-C charging, Ceramic filling bowl, supercharge function and a stand. The Mighty+ has improved on faster heating time and housing. No wonder why it’s widely regarded as the ultimate portable vaporiser.

Customer Reviews on Products

Storz and Bickel can say that their products are good, but what do the customers think? After researching through many comments, nearly every comment is 5 stars and the products seem to have left the customers feeling satisfied.

Here’s one five star comment:

“Purchased device after giving Mighty to parents. This product is just as good as the Mighty but smaller. Wished S&B would fight Apple for IOS support. Perhaps they are. But don’t need the app, once you set the device how you want it through the web app. I just decreased the brightness of the LED. Wish there was a toggle for only lighting the LEDs if you push a button instead of continuing. Mighty battery life is days, this is day + 1. Another win for S&B”

Where Can I Purchase These Products?

To purchase or look at more Storz and Bickel products click here. We are proud stockists of one of leading vape brands in the world.

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