What is the Storz and Bickel Mighty?

What is the Storz and Bickel Mighty?

Most serious vapers are talking about the Storz and Bickel Mighty but what exactly is it? What features does it have that make it such a great vaporiser compared to others on the market? Read on below to find out what a Storz and Bickel Mighty is and what makes it such a popular vape.

What is the Storz and Bickel Mighty?

The Mighty by Storz and Bickel is a portable vaporiser. Aren’t vaporisers non-portable? Not anymore! Storz and Bickel have created a vaporiser that you can take on the go. A vaporiser is known as a vape device that vaporises substances like herbs and oil for inhalation. The Mighty gives off a great performance in a slim, pocket-sized device. No wonder why this vape device has such good reviews. The device is suitable for dry herbs but isn’t suitable for products like nicotine.

To make the Mighty portable, Storz and Bickel included two powerful lithium-ion batteries that are changed via a 12 V power adapter. The Mighty uses a combination of hot air convection heating and further conduction, which in turn make the device more efficient for vapour production.

How Does a Vaporiser work?

A vaporiser draws the power required from the battery and heats the chamber. Heating the chamber produces heat. Once the chamber is hot enough/ ready to vaporise the herbs, weed or oils. All the user needs to do is click on a button and inhale.

There are two different types of herb vaporisers. The first one is called a conduction vaporiser. This type of vaporiser heats up the substance via direct contact. For example, imagine that you are cooking bacon in a frying pan. For the bacon to heat up to the high temperature, the bacon makes direct contact with the frying pan, which in turn heats up the bacon. This is exactly what happens in a conduction vaporiser.

On the other hand, a convection vaporiser heats up the air surrounding the substance. Therefore, it gradually heats up the herbs. This method evenly heats up your substances without combusting.

The Storz and Bickel Mighty differentiate themselves by using both conduction and convection vaporising for the best results. Ensuring quality is the reason why this device is talked about so much. If you are interested in finding a good vaporiser, then the Mighty is a great option.

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