What is an Extract Vaporiser?

What is an Extract Vaporiser?

What is an Extract Vaporiser?

Are you considering purchasing an extract vaporiser but aren’t sure exactly what it is? An extract vaporiser is a device used to consume concentrated herbal extracts. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what an extract vaporiser is, how it works and it's advantages.

What is an Extract Vaporiser?

A vaporiser is a device used to turn the active ingredients of plant materials, commonly herbals, tobacco, or other blends into vapour for the purpose of inhalation. However, they can also be used with oils, waxes, and even some types of liquids. Most vaporisers have a heating chamber designed to heat the material to its boiling point without actually setting it on fire. This produces a cleaner-tasting and cooler vapour. Some units feature temperature control while others allow the user to set their own temperature.

How Does a Vaporiser Work?

The basic idea behind a vaporiser is simple: apply heat to material until its active compounds begin to turn into a gas, then capture that gas in a way that allows the user to inhale it. In order to do this, most vaporisers have three main components:

A heating chamber: This is where the material is placed. It is typically heated by a coil of some sort, though there are other methods as well.

A mouthpiece: This is how the user inhales the vapour. It can be as simple as a small hole in the side of the device, or it can be a more complex system with tubing and a mouthpiece similar to a hookah.

A power source: This can be anything from a battery to a plug-in AC adapter. The size and type of power source will vary from one vaporiser to the other.

When the device is turned on, the heating chamber is warmed to the desired temperature. Once it reaches that temperature, the material inside will begin to vaporise. The user then inhales through the mouthpiece and draws the vapour into their lungs.

Advantages of Vaporisers

There are a number of reasons why someone might choose to use a vaporiser rather than smoke their material.

Healthier: Smoke, regardless of what’s being burned, is bad for the lungs. It’s full of harmful chemicals and particulates that can damage delicate tissue. Vapour, on the other hand, is largely composed of water vapour and does not contain these harmful elements.

More efficient: When smoking, a lot of the active compounds in the material are lost to ash and side-stream smoke. With vaporisation, nearly all of the active compounds are captured in the vapour.

Smells better: One of the most common complaints about smoking is the smell it leaves behind. Vapour, on the other hand, dissipates quickly and doesn’t linger the way smoke does.

More discreet: It’s easier to be discreet when using a vaporiser since the vapour doesn’t have the tell-tale smell of smoke. This can be important for those who need to use herbs for medical reasons but don’t want to advertise it to the world.

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