What is a Decarboxylator?

What is a Decarboxylator?

Ever wondered what a decarboxylator is? Did you know it’s the reason why you get high? Read more to find out some interesting facts about the decarboxylator.

What Exactly is Decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is the process of activating the psychoactive compounds in a cannabis plant. Psychoactive substances are found in alcohol and some medications like Depressants, Opioids, Stimulants, and Hallucinogens. A psychoactive drug changes the nervous system which results in alterations in consciousness, mood, behaviour and more. For example, the psychoactive compounds within a cannabis plant are what makes the consumer feel high.

A cannabis plant contains something called THCA. THCA turns into THC with the induction of heat from a flame or atomizer of a vape pen. THCA cannot get you high however, THC can.

Within the chemical structure of THCA there is an extra carboxyl ring. When heat is added from a lighter, the heat removes the carboxyl ring which de-carboxylates the compound.

How does Decarboxylation work?

Decarboxylation starts through heat over a period of time. The longer heat is added the higher the temperature gets when smoking. These high temperatures when smoking or vaping will immediately decarboxylate the compounds in the weed. This allows your body to absorb them. However, this isn’t the only way to decarboxylate the compounds. Some decarboxylation can occur over time when curing or drying cannabis.

What can Slow Down the Process of Decarboxylation? 

Elements like oxygen will contribute to slowing down the process of the decarboxylation process. To stop this from happening keep weed products in an airtight container and this will stop the oxygen from getting to the weed.

Is Decarboxylation Necessary for Edibles?

Decarboxylation is necessary in all cannabis products in order to get high from them. As we know decarboxylation happens when heat is applied but, the edibles are eaten when cold. Decarboxylation happens before they are consumed. When making edibles, the buds are heated up in the oven and then infused with butter or oil. This infusion is used to make edibles such as cookies, gummies, brownies and more.

What is the History of Psychoactive Drug use?

Psychoactive drug use can be traced back at least 10,000 years. There is archaeological evidence of psychoactive drugs being used. Most of the psychoactive drugs were plants. The use of these drugs was found to be cultural over the past 5,000 years. Evidence has also, found people chewing on coca leaves that date back to around 8,000 years. So, the psychoactive drug isn’t new to our society.

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