Top 5 Portable Vaporisers for under £100

Top 5 Portable Vaporisers for under £100

5. Ziggy Marley Conscience party

Everybody loves Bob Marley and his surronding family but not everybody is keen on Celebrity endorsed vaporizer products. The Ziggy Marley pen from O.pen is different. Ideal for Dry herbs the Conscience party vaporizer hits well with its ceramic chamber and it looks the part with its wood style finish. Not only that a portion of proceeds will go to U.R.G.E (Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment) Happy days!

O.penVAPE Ziggy Marley Vaporizer £59.99

4. Gpen Pro 

The Gpen Pro is an upgrade from the original G-pen from Grenco Science. Unlike the Gpen the Pro has a Ceramic heating chamber ideal for holding around .2 of dry material. The Gpro is presented well and comes with a nifty card grinder which we thought was good value for money. The Gpen is simple easy to use and clean and affordable you can pick them up for around £79.90.

Grenco Science G-Pro Vaporizer £79.90

 3. Xvape Vital

Small and compact the Vital is a discreet portable from the makers of the Xmax V2 Pro. It's suitable for use with dry herbs. The Vital is ideal if your on the go and heats up in seconds. You can buy additional extras such as the water bubbler if you want extra smooth vapor and with a price tag of 46.99 we had to include the vital in our list.

Xvape Vital Portable Vaporizer £45

2. Focusvape

The Focusvape is a extremely well built vaporizer, Similar in design to the Xmax V2 pro the focus has a few things that make it unique. The Focus has a Adjustable airflow great for clouds, a interchangable 18650 and a brosilliate Glass mouthpiece for smooth hits. 

Focusvape Portable Vaporizer £78.95

1. Xvape Xmax V2 Pro 

The Xmax V2 Pro is a durable 2 in 1 vaporizer capable of vaporizing both dry herbs and concentrates. The Xmax has an interchangable 18650 battery ideal for long sessions, 5 heat settings and a automatic shut off. The xmax is simple and effective producing excellent vapor for less than £60 the Xmax is top of our list!

Xmax V2 Pro Portable Vaporizer £59.99