The XMAX Vape Range Explained

The XMAX Vape Range Explained

Have you heard about XMAX, but aren’t sure what products they sell? XMAX sells a range of products, which are perfect for users that are on a budget but want premium features. Top Green was established in 2000 and started to produce devices like the XMAX, XVAPE, wax vaporiser, herbal vaporiser, and more. In this blog, we will go through XMAX vape products and which users they will suit.

XMAX V2/ V3 Pro Vaporiser

The XMAX V2 Pro Vaporiser is a good, cheap vaporiser for those who are on a budget. The XMAX V2 Pro vaporiser has been one of the best, dry herb vaporisers for around 5 years now, due to the low cost and quality. Top Green has produced an upgraded version called the XMAX V3 Pro Vaporiser that features a hybrid on-demand heating and a replaceable battery if the battery degrades over time. USB-C charging is a standard on the XMAX V3 Pro Vaporiser for those who want a quicker charging time.

Who is the XMAX V3 Pro Vaporiser suitable for? This device is suitable for those who want a portable and easy-to-use vape, this makes it ideal for both newbies and season vapers. XMAX is built around having premium features for a small price. For example, the XMAX V3 Pro features an OLED display where you can select from five different temperatures from 100C to 200C. When the device is turned on it takes around 15-30 seconds until the device is ready to vape.

XMAX Qomo Quartz

The XMAX Qomo Quartz does the trick for most users due to the device having a range of features and its compactness. Unfortunately, this device doesn’t give the user full control of the temperature, instead, the XMAX Qomo Quartz has 3 different set temperatures that are well chosen. The device is reliable and well built for those who want to use the vape for a long time. The XMAX Qomo Quartz includes a 1350mAh battery that should get users through 10- 20 sessions on a full charge.

The XMAX Qomo Quartz sits within the decent budget range for e-cigarette options. The vapour quality is of good quality and the device is well built which means better durability. The XMAX Qomo Quartz is for new and moderate vapers who want a cheap yet good vape experience.

XMAX Vital

The XMAX Vital is a dry herb portable vaporiser for those who want to vape on the move. The vape features a ceramic chamber and heats up quickly due to the powerful 2500mAh battery. To get the best vape, the XMAX Vital includes an efficient air convection chamber for a better pure taste. The huge battery allows the user to vape for up to 1.5 hours when the battery is fully charged. This XMAX Vital features an intuitive temperature control system, which means users can edit the temperature on the screen. The vital can reach temperatures from 100C to 240C to give you the perfect temperature you want.

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