The Rise of Dry Herb Vaporisers

The Rise of Dry Herb Vaporisers

It was not so long ago that the only way of smoking herbs were through cigarettes and rolling papers. Due to the advancements in technology there are now more options for not only smoking but also vaping as the alternative, many people could only enjoy their herbs through burning rolling papers. This is not the case in 2022, portable and desktop vaporisers are being used for E-liquids and especially herb vaping. Read on below to see the reasons as to why dry herb vaporisers have gained so much popularity in such a small amount of time.

More Convenient

Now who doesn’t like the easy life, eh? Traditionally, we as humans have consistently worked hard to see how we can make things easier and more convenient for ourselves. A prime example of this is the dry herb vaporiser. Dry herb vaporisers come with multiple benefits, the main one being that they are portable and so you can chose to vape at any time and at your own leisure. There is also no need to spend time rolling up your herb in rolling papers so this will save you time, however we do not discount enjoying your herbs this way and you can view our range of rolling papers if you are interested.

No Loss of Potency

When smoking herbs, you tend to lose around 15-20% of its potency. This is not the case with dry herb vaporisers, the temperature is much lower and is much more precise than just fire. As a result of this the compounds used are able to work to their full potential which results in more pure and potent vapor being produced. Another positive to this is that you are using less herb whilst getting more from it. As well as standard herbs that excrete CBD oil for your enjoyment and relaxation, there are also vaporisers that work with THC extract which again is more potent and concentrated.

Enhanced Flavour

When you are vaping herbs you will find that the experience is much more flavourful than smoking, this is due to the terpenes that are activated when you vape them. Dry herb vaping allows for an adjust in temperature of your herb, this means you can enhance or minimise your level of flavour at any time. Terpenes will tend to burn up in extreme heats from smoking, yet this will not occur when you are vaping and instead you will be able to optimse its full effects.

Vaping vs Smoking

Dry herb vaping allows for a discreet, healthier and much more convenient way of enjoying herbs. The process has more potency to smoking and is much more flavourful, there is also less waste as you are not constantly burning away rolling papers and letting damaging chemicals get into the air. When seeing these comparisons there is truly no wonder as to why there has been a huge rise in popularity for dry herb vaporisers. They truly are the future of vaping. 

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