The best portable vaporisers of 2017 | ForbiddenFruitz

Best overall

Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel

The Mighty is a serious bit of kit for the serious vape fanatic. Since its release it has been getting rave reviews and now nearly 3 years old in our opinion is still the king! Why? we here you ask well... The mighty comes with a huge battery most vapes you will struggle to get more than 90 minutes vape time the mighty exceeds that by loads!

You can even use the device whilst its charging giving you a constant vaping session. As well as the massive battery life the mighty has a unique cooling unit that provides you with amazing quality vapor all the time.

the mighty is manufactured in Germany and is one of the only vaporizers to be certified for medicinal use.

Best for home use

Arizer solo 2

Arizer manufacture high quality aromatherapy vaporizers and their latest device the Arizer Solo 2 is no exception. Although Arizer manufacture a range of desktop Vaporizers the Arizer solo 2 is intended for both use at home or on the go so we have hailed it the best home use vape of 2017.

The Solo 2 has a super fast heat up time, new improved battery lasting a whopping 2 hours and a glass mouthpiece for a smooth hit. 

The Arizer solo is much smaller in size compared to the original and when it comes to vapor quality the arizer performs really well. The new digital display allows you to preciseley select your temperature unlike the original Solo which had 5 built in heat settings. 

This means you can fully customise your session to suit your preferences. Well done Arizer you have done it again another great vape!

Best discreet Vaporizer 

Pax 3

We have awarded the best discreet vaporizer to the super stylish Pax 3. 

The Pax 3 is small and slim and will fit easily into pockets or bags and is barely noticable to the un trained eye when used. The pax 3 heats up fast making it ideal for quick sessions out and about.

Designed for use with both Dry herb and concentrates the Pax 3 no matter what you preference the Pax 3 has you covered. 

Best vapor quality 

Firefly 2

The firefly 2 was one of this years most awaited vaporizers with plenty of hype flying around about the device.

The first Firefly was a massive success but a very bulky piece of kit now the Firefly is back but now 55% lighter and 33% smaller. 

The most notable positive about this vaporizer is its outstanding flavor and the cool vapor. It is very easy to use and needs no special expertise for optimum performance. The unit is great for the users of both dry herbs and concentrates

Not only is the Firefly 2 great at producing quality vapor its also very very easy to clean!

Best E-Rig

Focusvape Tourist

Ever since we first laid eyes on the tourist we fell in love Why? Because its badass. 

There are many E-rigs on the market nowadays but none with the versatility of the Tourist. The unit is built to the highest quality and includes 2 attachments one for Dry herb and another for concentrates.

Using on the concentrate setting you can achieve thick clouds with the water bubbler and unlike other E-rigs you can preciseley select the temperature you wish to vape on so whatever concentrate you have you can find the perfect heat setting.

Using the device with herbs is a dream too. Simply attach the herb chamber pack your product and switch to herb mode. Just like the concentrate setting you can preciesly set you heat to get the most from your material.

With all these features we had to award the Tourist with top place.

Best dry herb pen


We choose the Focus as our best dry herb pen because of its excellent build quality and special features. 

The Focus has a ceramic oven, adjustable airflow, interchangeable 18650 battery and a glass mouthpiece for smoother vaporizer all features you would expect from a premium vape with a premium price tag but you can get all this with the focusvape for £75.99. If your looking for a vape pen the focusvape is the one for you!

Best budget 

Xmax V2 Pro

The Xmax V2 Pro is a great portable at a great price! If your looking for a high performance vape for under £60 Then look no further than the award winning Xmax V2 Pro. The Xmax is packed with a ceramic heating chamber, 5 heat settings, a wax insert for concentrates and a interchangeable 18650.