The Benefits of Smoking CBD

The Benefits of Smoking CBD

Smoking CBD oil is the most effective way to get CBD into your system, it allows terpenes to enter the bloodstream through the oxygen exchange in the lungs. It then proceeds to enter our endocannabinoid system or (ECS) where the CBD can then be regulated to some of the vital systems in our bodies in order to maintain balance. Read on below for more information on the true benefits of smoking CBD.


Although CBD oil that is extracted from rich hemp flowers does share many properties and elements of Cannabis, they are not the same. This is because terpenes are aromatic compounds that give these plants their distinct smells, they will also be a factor in the flavour and profile of your herb. It is important to remember that CBD oil is not a psychotropic compound and so when you are buying hemp-based CBD products you will not face any intoxicating or psychological effects.

Natural Alternative to Vaping

Although vaping is extremely popular in the modern world, with people of all ages being able to vape as much as they please. If they are using manufactured E-liquid for their vaporisers then this will contain high amounts of nicotine and so it can become very addictive. When smoking CBD or vaping CBD oil this is not the case, there are better ways to smoke CBD and these include; CBD flowers, pre-rolls and cigarettes. This allows you to directly smoke the plant instead of additives like Vitamin E Acetate being included whilst there are still concerns over its health effects.

Creates a Calm State of Mind

One of the key benefits to smoking CBD is the relaxation and calmness that it brings to you. CBD has been found to help calm the mind, this is due to its interaction with GABA receptors in the brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter that increases the feeling of calmness and relaxation in your body. Therefore, if you struggle to calm your mind or feel relaxed then we suggest smoking CBD as this will produce those effects.

Rapid Inhalation

Out of all ways of consuming CBD, we suggest that smoking it may be the most viable option of inhaling CBD. After smoking, the benefits can be felt almost immediately, this is way smoking CBD is the most effective route of delivery. The reason for this is because after smoking the CBD, the active compounds within it immediately enter the bloodstream. If you were to eat an infused brownie with CBD oil for example, your digestive system breaks down the majority of the active compounds before it enters the bloodstream. The result of this is that you will not be achieving the full concentration of CBD.

Now although it is not the most effective route of delivery, using CBD to infuse baked goods is a very enjoyable and delicious experience. You can achieve this through decarboxylation of your herb. Be sure to view our decarboxylator products if you are interested in this.

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