Safety Tips for Your Vaporiser Battery

Safety Tips for Your Vaporiser Battery

The one thing that you may not consider when using your vaporiser is the vape battery, I mean why would you? It is insignificant and should not be a cause for concern, yes? NO! A vaporiser battery is not the same as your standard AAs that you might buy in the shops. These batteries are much more powerful cells and need to be handled with care. Of course if you are an experienced vaper than you may already know these safety tips, however for those who are just getting into vaping it is very useful information. Read on below to find out some safety tips for your vaporiser battery.

Ensure Battery Wraps Stay Intact

It is vital that the wraps on your vaporiser battery are in mint condition. The reason for this is that if the wrap is damaged in any way this could feed through to the actual battery and can cause a short circuit. Battery wraps are reasonably cheap and can easily be found at your local vape shop. These shops will most likely wrap your batteries for free and this will only take a few short minutes.

Use a Battery Case

You should never be placing your vaporiser battery in your pocket when it is not in use. Instead you can purchase some cheap battery cases in stores or online. This is to prevent a battery from short-circuiting in your pocket if it were to come into contact with metal objects. In the worst case scenario this could cause your vape battery to vent or potentially explode. Battery cases also come in a variety of materials and designs to fit your specific vaporiser battery.

Don’t Neglect Your Charging Battery

If you are using your charger on your vaporiser battery then be sure not to leave it unattended for a large amount of time. Although it is not too common, it is important to remember that they are still electrical devices and malfunctions can occur at any time. Place your chargers out of reach from smaller children and pets as a charger lead can be quite dangerous if it isn’t handled properly.

Do Not Trust Knock Offs

This should also be common sense, when it comes to electricals and especially a vaporiser battery then cheapest does not mean best. By no means should you cheap out on your vape battery, ‘knock offs’ can be extremely dangerous and are much more likely to be a fire hazard due to them being made from cheaper material. Some things in life are worth paying for, if you are going to get a vaporiser battery then you should always look for quality and not just the cheapest one that you can find. If you are looking for a place to buy high-quality Vaporiser battery products, then be sure to check out our power banks at Forbidden Fruitz.

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