Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

If you are still smoking tobacco or cigarettes, it’s time for a wake up call. We all know that smoking is bad and there are definitely some serious health risks if you continue to smoke. Unfortunately, a lot of people just can’t seem to quit despite multiple attempts to live cigarette-free. 

However the good news is that here at Forbidden Fruitz we offer thousands of alternatives, top quality vaporisers from portable to pens and so on. Not to mention the irresistible prices, we will not be beaten! We have a large impressive product range, so we are confident you will come across something just for you. 

Every discussion of vaping should include a comparison with smoking. That’s because most vapers were smokers, and if not for vaping, most vapers would still be smoking. However, not all people who vape were once smokers, there are many people who enjoy having mouth watering flavours and taste from non toxic, harmful chemicals. Bored of the smell of smoke? The mess of ash? The look of tar? Well if you aren't, I'm sure the people around you are! If you need a little more motivation to kick the habit, here are 7 more reasons why you can’t afford to keep smoking for even a single day. Literally, money wise and health wise!

What is a vaporiser? 

If you have been living under a rock for the last couple years you may be wondering, what is a vaporiser. It's a device that generates a particular substance in the form of vapour, especially for medicinal inhalation. Basically a new way of smoking, however in the process removing all the nasty and harmful chemicals. A vaporiser is a healthier way of consuming aromatic herbs and spices. 

The reason why its so much better than traditional methods like smoking is because it only burns the active ingredients in the herb, which means throwing all the unnecessary bad stuff out. Allowing you to get the best and purest drag every time! 

A few reasons why to STOP smoking, TODAY! 

1. Science Proves vaporisers are safer 

The research is very clear that vaporisers, pens and E-cigs can reduce your risk of tobacco-related death. In fact, a study at Boston University concluded that vaping is much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. (I could of told you that) 

2. Smoking makes you look old 

You might think the consequences of smoking are hidden away on your insides, but your wrong. It has a major impact on your outer appearance as well. Cigarette smoke leads to wrinkles, stretch marks, bags under the eyes, and overall toughening of the skin. Smoking basically kills the elasticity of your skin so you will age at a faster rate. 

3. Act now, not later! 

When you finally decide to throw the old dirty habit of smoking away but still need something to keep your hands off, switch out your old cigarettes for vaporisers, you make a huge step towards protecting your future wellness. With most people noticing some immediate health benefits. One study found that 91% of smokers had significant health improvements after changing to vaporisers. 


The reason for vaporiser being so successful because they give former smokers the opportunity to continue the “act” of smoking and still have that similar like feeling, without actually inhaling any toxic harmful smoke. When you choose to vape, you can select an exact nicotine strength and gradually lower the amount of nicotine you use over time, to the point of no trace on nicotine in them, another reason behind the success of vapes, choose whats perfect for you and what suits your needs! It’s the perfect bridge to cross to get away from them old habit’s! Make the change today! Just give it a try and see if they work for you. 

Maybe you have already made the switch from cigarets to vaping, if so, please feel free to comment with any stories or advice to help others. 

How has your life changed since you made the switch? Let ForbiddenFruitz know! If you are newbie or would just like a opinion, advice or whatever it is, do not hesitate to contact us via our website, email, phone and even social media and you will be ensured to receive helpful and knowledgable information. 

If these points stated along with the other thousands wasn’t enough to put you off, and as to why vaporisers are better, then your only option is to get one and see for yourself! Get over to our website for the best vaporisers and prices around. 

Andy, customer at ForbiddenFruitz says: “I switched from cigarettes to vaporisers… and i haven’t look backed since. I save more money, i feel cleaner, fresher and more energetic. Vaporisers still give me the ‘smoking feel’ without having the negative effects it does. I can’t put in to words how much I recommend people to make the switch. I had no idea what to look for and what I was talking about with vaporisers, but the friendly staff at ForbiddenFruitz helped me and answered all my questions, concerns and even gave me advice on which vape to pick up”

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