Magical Butter Machine - What is it?

Magical Butter Machine - What is it?

What is the Magical Butter 2 Machine...?

This little beauty is a fantastic, super easy to use device that lets you infuse your decarboxylated material into substances of your choice, that could be oils, butters, alcohols, tinctures and more. There are many ways to use the machine and you can even make soups, salads, topical creams and salves! So it’s more than just for your herb, this can be used as a fantastic accessory for any kitchen!

Back to the point, we’ve heard really good things from our customers about the quality of this machine, gone are the days of using ovens, crockpots and stoves to get your desired effect, you put your materials all into this one machine, press the required button and away you go, perfectly infused product ready to be used.

A word of caution though, if you’re not used to making edibles, they can have a much more potent effect so we suggest taking it slowly and only consuming a small amount and see how you get on.

Seeing as these 2 machines are the best in the market as what they do, we decided we’d celebrate 420 in lockdown by offering them both together for an unbeatable price… Happy baking!