How to Measure Dry Herbs with Weighing Scales For Vaping?

How to Measure Dry Herbs with Weighing Scales For Vaping?

If you are a vaping enthusiast, then you know that dry herbs play a big role in the vaping experience. Different herbs produce different flavors and sensations. If you want to get the most out of your vaping experience, it is important to measure your herbs accurately. In this blog post, we will show you how to use weighing scales to measure dry herbs for vaping.

Find Accurate Weighing Scales 

The first thing that you need is an accurate weighing scale. They are rather easy to come across, yet when measuring herbs you may not be so successful when using your standard kitchen weighing scales. The types that we recommend using are digital weighing scales because they are extremely accurate and easy-to-use. If you are interested in purchasing a weighing scale to measure your herbs accurately for the best vaping experience, then be sure to check out our high quality weighing scales that we provide here at Forbidden Fruitz.

Purchase a Weighing Tray

The next thing that you need is a weighing tray . A weighing tray looks like an upside-down box with no lid. The weighing tray can be placed on top of your weighing scales. It helps to prevent dry herbs from falling off the weighing scale during measurement. Weighing trays again are quite accessible and can be found in many shops and online stores. After purchasing both items, follow this guide below:

The Method

Place your chosen herb strains into the weighing tray one by one until desired amount is reached. You will notice on most weighing scales there is a tare button which can be used if needed when weighing multiple items together such as loose leaf herbs with different densities and weights. Please note: most weighing scales may have a weighing function that allows you to measure the weight of an item in grams, ounces or pounds.

If you are not using this feature then please place each strain separately into its own separate container before placing them all back together again so they are more easily identifiable later on after having been blended together during measurement process (this step helps avoid confusion between different strains). Remember, It’s important to keep weighing scales clean and free from residue buildup for accurate measurements. This moves us on to our next point.

Once you are finished weighing your herb strains, place them on top of some paper towels or tissues in order to absorb any excess moisture that may have accumulated during measurement process. After weighing has been completed, remove the weighing scale from the surface area where it was placed, before allowing any spills or messes caused by dripping liquid onto flooring materials so they don’t stain or otherwise be damaged. These surfaces can suffer permanent damage over time due to too much exposure to moisture.

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