How to Clean Your Vaporiser?

How to Clean Your Vaporiser?

Constant usage of your vaporiser will eventually build up dirt and resisdue over time. If you refrain from cleaning for an especially long time then this can lead to some serious clogs and blockages within your vaporiser and make it unusable. Below are a few processes that you follow in order to clean your vaporiser and save yourself money on getting it professionally cleaned or buying a replacement.

Use a Good Cleaning Solution

When it comes to thoroughly cleaning your vaporiser then you should be using a good quality cleaning solution, there are around 3 options; acetone-based, alkaline-based & rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is quite common within the household, if not it is very cheap to buy and a great tool for cleaning and sterilisation. Be sure not to place any plastic parts of your vaporiser within the rubbing alcohol as this could lead to them dissolving, ensure you are wearing gloves as the liquid can be an irritant on your skin.

Acetone based solutions are the fastest working out of these solutions yet can also be the most dangerous, so if you are going to use an acetone-based solution then you should wear gloves as well as some protective goggles. It will work fast to clean out any mess within your vaporiser yet again, similar to the rubbing alcohol, do not use it on any plastic as it could start to dissolve.

An alkaline based solution is a bit different, it is normally used to dissolve fats and oils as washing up liquid is itself an alkaline solution. Unlike the other two, this is not too harsh on your skin and when added with water it can become the perfect cleaning tool for your vaporiser. The issue with this however is that not all alkaline products are the same and some may work much better than others on your vaporiser so it is important to research into the type of alkaline products that will work.

Soaking is Essential

It is important to always soak your vaporiser when cleaning as this will allow the liquid to really get in between any unreachable crevices, doing this will almost immediately dislodge the majority of mess within your vaporiser and eventually after a longer soak your vaporiser will be almost completely clean. To deal with any withstanding residue then you may want to gather some useful utensils to help finish the job.

Use Helpful Utensils

Speaking of utensils it is important to obtain the needed equipment in order to ensure your vaporiser is 100% clean, getting some pipe cleaners with help to fit into any space where the liquid might not be able to, as they are so thin they can get into every part of your vaporiser, this saves you money on having to pay someone to clean it for you and it is also really easy to do it yourself. You can also use something as simple as paper towels to wipe down all the left over residue and liquid on the outside, dab them frequently on your vaporiser and ensue it is completely dry before the next use.

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