We take a look at the differences between these two awesome vaporisers from Storz and Bickel...

Well starting with the obvious.. the size is the first thing you will probably notice, the Mighty stands at 14cm to the Crafty’s 10.9cm, not a massive difference but big enough if discreetness is something you’re after, the Mighty is hardly what you’d call “subtle” but it should pit in a decent sized pocket. 

The Crafty is a lot less bulk (the main reasons are the Mighty has 2 batteries compared to the Crafty’s one) and then there’s the Mighty’s LCD with adds some extra length. The LCD screen is another thing that the Craft’s is missing, you have to use a bluetooth app to connect to your smartphone/tablet and adjust the temperature there, a pain for some but it’s the price you pay if you want a vaporiser that can fit into your pocket or handbag easier. 

The Mighty also weighs a fair amount more, coming in at 235g to the Crafty’s 135g. And really that’s where the major differences end, they use the same chamber which fit the same dosing capsules & drip pads, similar cooling units and are very similar performance wise (both use patented hybrid heating technology, vapour density is the same, heat up time & battery life are very similar). 

The difference was much bigger with the old Crafty, you could have much longer sessions with the Mighty but the updated Crafty+ really seems to have narrowed the gap with the new technology they have packed inside, squeezing much more out of the single battery (both are good for around 6-7 sessions). So really it comes down to the size and the convenience of having and being able to adjust the temperature without the app.