Government to regulate CBD industry in 28 days!

Government to regulate CBD industry in 28 days!

This morning the CBD industry woke up to some shocking news CBD manufacturers and suppliers arose to letters informing them the MHRA will be regulating CBD as a medicine and the sale of CBD products must stop within 28 days. This is a major blow for a thriving industry and its customers it cares for. There are thousands of people who rely on CBD products to treat their illnesses and these people will be the ones who suffer.

However, it is a complex situation which has some positive aspects to it. In the short term, if you are already using CBD products, you would be well advised to stock up as much as you can afford. In the long term this may have an effect on legislation of cannabis

CBD is not a ‘controlled drug’ and is not prohibited but most CBD products are in fact low-THC, whole plant extracts derived from industrial hemp, legally grown under licence. So yes, they are a legal form of cannabis and, of course, according to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, cannabis has ‘no medicinal value’. So, you may well ask, how can the MHRA classify it as a medicine?

Forbidden fruitz have been talking closely with CBD manufacturers and CLEAR to find out anymore about this story we believe the MRHA will be releasing a statement later today.

The next few months are uncertain in the CBD world we will keep you up to date with any goings on via the news at 420