Get The Most from Your Vape | ForbiddenFruitz

Grind It,

Plastic is good but aluminium is better, for the best results use a 3 piece grinder with kief collector. Rotate the grinder left and right for around 30 seconds once the herbs are ground you are ready to go! 

Top Tip: Sprinkle kief over your bowl to produce more vapor.

Raise the temperature.

Start low and build the temperature as you go. Different compounds reach different optimum temperatures and all give different effects. We recommend vaping from around 160 to 190 celcius for a hard hitting session! 

Stir it up.

Fill the bowl and pack it but don't pack it too tight! Over filling will make drawing on the vape difficult. low draw resistance means little or no vapor try stirring the contents of the bowl regularly during sessions to vape your herbs evenly.

Keep it Clean.

Keep your vaporizer working as it should... Keep it clean! Over time, your vape will clog. and all that resin can be very sticky and will effect the taste and performance of your device. We recommend Cleaning your vaporizer after heavy sessions to avoid a back log of gunk! Top Tip The forbidden fruitz cleaning kit has everything you need to maintain pretty much any vaporizer.