100% Pure Peruvian Flake shipment bound for the UK

TEMPORARY seizure of a large shipment of 100% Pure Peruvian Flake today has caused major delays, for many men and women around the Globe. Inside sources have stated that a number of investigations are underway to establish just how this all went down but early reports indicate that yesterday 24/11/2016, 57 kilos split across two similar looking well packaged boxes with recognisable markings were seized after a eagle eyed Port of Entry agent spotted the branded boxes and a state of alert was raised with agents attempting to sniff out quality merchandise.

The delivery was believed to have been destined for a small town called Bromsgrove in the middle of the United Kingdom originating from Lima Peru. It appears that there was no attempt to conseal the merchadise and it does look to be a well organised operation, however it now appears likely that many punters will be without their fix this weekend and possibly throughout this Christmas period due to the seizure.

Direct contact was made by a Forbidden Fruitz reporter at the Port of Entry office. Speaking with Agent H. Marks (we will refer to him as Señor Nice) during a scheduled meeting in the Columbian Port of Entry office in Bogota a statement was given and we quote "we have seen many similar packages over the years but never have we seen quality like this, I would expect we will be here all night" but the reporter has since made no contact and is possibly sampling this high grade product for themselves.

Stay sharp! more updates to follow....