Why Should You Invest in a High-Quality Grinder

Why Should You Invest in a High-Quality Grinder

Investing in a high-quality grinder is vital for you to have the best possible vaping and smoking experience, if your grinder is cheap and weak it may break easily, and you will not be able to enjoy any herbs. A robust and reliable grinder will mean that you can enjoy your smoking experience with reasonable ease, without having to worry about any potential malfunctions. Here at Forbidden Fruitz, we ensure to stock up on high-quality grinders that are sure to maximise your vaping experience, see our grinders page here for more insight.

A More Intense Experience

When herbs are just ground by a person with something like a mortar & pestle or simply an ineffective grinder cannot release the full potent combination of compounds and terpenes present within the herb. Most vaping devices for herbs are designed to have the vaping chamber filled with ground herbs. When using a high-quality grinder, however, the herb is condensed into a tight space so that the flavours can be fully extracted and optimise your vaping experience.

Denser Vaporisers

Lovers of vaping and smoking herbs will tell you that when the tank or bowl within a vaporiser isn't filled well enough, the result is not as per expectation. With properly ground herbs, you can fill the bowl or chamber densely which as we mentioned above leads to better flavour and ultimately a better-desired outcome. Interestingly, even with denser bowls and a more compact filling of the chamber, if a high-quality grinder has been used in this process, you will not need to use as much herb meaning it will also save you money. Be sure to visit our desktop vaporisers page for more information on these products.

Better Consistency

Without a high-quality grinder, it is difficult to get an even consistency, which is essential for the even extraction of the substances within the herbs. The flavour of the herb depends more upon its consistency than the type of device you use it to enjoy it with, so the grinder must be good enough! The herbs with even consistency will burn evenly giving you a constant flow of flavourful vapours.

Thicker Vapours

One of the most common complaints people have with vaping is the lack of a cloud. People generally like a big cloud, as it creates the perception that they got a good hit from the device and impresses the others around them! However, when there isn't a big cloud of vapour, in most cases, it is not the vaping device that is at fault, but the method used to grind the herbs. The thickness significantly depends upon how well the herb is textured, if you are using a high-quality grinder then the texture should not be an issue.

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