Popular Vaping Trends of 2021

Popular Vaping Trends of 2021

Vaping is one of the latest trends to hit the 21st century, with people looking for an alternative to cigarettes, it was only a matter of time before something stepped in and capitalised on the huge hole in the market. Today, vaping is commonly practised with millions worldwide and due to this certain genres within it and trends have begun to come to fruition. Let us look at some of the top vaping trends of 2021.


When vaping products first became popular in the world, vape devices were blocky and big, yet despite this, they did tend to break rather easily. Many long-time vapers will know that any minor inconvenience such as dropping it on the floor, rain getting onto it or even a bit of dust could lead to a broken vaporiser! However, vaporisers are much more durable, and you will not have to be paranoid whilst in possession of one for fear it might break.

Another reason why this has become a massive trend in the industry is that they allow vapers and influencers to create videos. There has been a large increase in social media and internet content of people dropping their devices down the stairs or into a pint of water, which certainly does make an enticing product and so it's clear to see why this is one of the popular vaping trends.

Vape Pens

At Forbidden Fruitz we pride ourselves on our high-quality vape pens. As they are on-trend in these current times due to vaping becoming more and more socially acceptable, there is a higher demand for vape pens. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality portable vaping pens at the best cost here at Forbidden Fruitz, check out an example of one of our top products here.

Pod Systems

Recently though, especially this year we have seen a rise in the merge. Pod systems are essentially merging to pod mod systems, which are getting closer to resembling a tank, and some pods are compatible with both pod and mod devices. Pod mod devices are gaining in popularity, because of their adaptability and versatility; most vapers love pod mod devices as they often can deliver a mouth to lung vaping style as well as a direct to lung style.

Also, these pod mod devices are much more compact and less fiddly than a tank mod combo and are still able to give you a good level of power with great battery life - some pods now use external batteries, single and dual.

Improved Battery Packs

When it comes to vaping trends, people are always wanting more. Due to this, technology is becoming more and more advanced, vapers are demanding more out of their devices, meaning more power but also longer battery life as well as super-fast changing. Fortunately, vape manufacturers have created fast charging technology, and longer battery life, which seems to be everywhere in the industry right now.

We have seen a rise in USB-C charging, this type of changing means that chargers are easy to replace, and you won’t have to dismantle your device to charge. USB-C slots are small and discreet, and the USB connection means you can practically charge it anywhere.

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