How to Make the Most of Your Vape Battery?

How to Make the Most of Your Vape Battery?

We have moved on from disposable batteries in e-cigs and are well in the era of the rechargeable batteries. These newer batteries will now come standard with any given vape pen as technology has advanced to this level. There are some ways though that you can make the most of this battery and extend it even further. To see our range of vape battery items that we store check out our page.

Ensure the Battery Does not Die 

Obviously you will only really go to charge your vape battery when the battery is low, yet make sure the battery is in fact just low and not completely dead. The reason for this is that it takes much more power to recharge a battery from completely dead compared to the power needed for just charging from low power. If you are constantly letting your battery die you will see it getting weaker and weaker until it eventually dies for good!

Use the Vape Consistently

Regular usage of your vape will ensure your battery is kept active and functioning. Try to keep the battery working as often as possible, even if it is not for your vape then you could use the power to charge another one of your devices. An unused battery will also slowly lose power over time if not used.

Unplug at Full Charge

Another tip to sustain your vape battery is to unplug it after it has fully charged. This can be equally as bad as letting the battery completely die as it actually overcharges your battery and causes it to work harder. This may result in a shorter vape battery lifespan as well as an inability to hold its charge. Be sure to disconnect your battery from power when your vape is at full charge to avoid this from happening.

Keep it Dry & Cool 

Water damage to any electrical device spells bad news as the majority of the time, unless you act very quickly or completely dry it out, a water damaged battery will be as good as dead. Extreme heat will also destroy your battery by melting it if the heat is that bad or just frying out the device to the point where it no longer can be used. Keep your batteries cool and store them in a dry place which cannot be reached by the sun.

Store Them on Full Charge 

Speaking of storage of your vape battery, it is important that when you are not using your battery that it is charged up ready for next time. If you know that you will not be using your vape battery for weeks or even months then leaving it on low charge as this could limit its lifespan. It will also be more more convenient for you to just pick it up and use it when you please instead of waiting for it to charge.

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