A Beginners Guide to Decarboxylation

A Beginners Guide to Decarboxylation

Decarboxylation when it comes to herbs is a vital process if you want to produce well infused and flavourful edibles. The process is not as complicated as you may think and if you are looking for a quicker alternative to do all of the work for you then be sure to check out our decarboxylation products. Read on below for some of the methods and tips involved in decarboxylation.

Is Grinding Your Herb Necessary?

In short no, grinding your herb is not necessary for decarboxylation. Some people though do choose to grind their herb but at the end of the day it just comes down to your personal preference. If you are wanting to grind your herbs then be sure to check out our grinders page on our website to help you find the highest-quality and longest lasting grinders on the market.

Pre-heat Your Oven

When it comes to cooking or baking you should always pre-heat your oven, the same applies to when you are making edibles. You should pre-heat your oven to around 120°C as this is the optimum temperature if you want to extract all the flavour from your herbs. Be sure that you get the right temperature as cooking at a heat that is too strong could end up burning your herbs and ruining the decarboxylation process. You could even use an external thermometer to ensure your oven is the exact level of heat that it needs to be.

Turkey Bag 

Otherwise known as the oven bag method of decarboxylation, the Turkey Bag method is rather easy. After you have either ground your herb/flower apart then proceed to put it inside of the oven bag and tie a knot on the other side to ensure there are no leaks. Proceed to place the bag containing your herb onto a baking tray. Let it cook for around 30 minutes at the temperature you have previously set. The herb should then be golden brown and decarboxylation has taken place. You could then craft this into any oil or butter that can be used in an edible. You can craft a butter by placing these cooked herbs into a machine like our MB2e MagicalButter Machine - 240V here at Forbidden Fruitz.

Baking Sheet

Again we would advise that you purchase a decarboxylation product, however you can still do this process the old fashioned way. Place baking parchment onto a sheet and then proceed to disperse your herb/flower around the tray so that it will evenly cook. Cook it for the same time the other method above. Exposing it to the air will allow the aroma to spread around and your herb will be golden brown and ready to be used within an edible of your choice, via a butter or a oil substance.

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