Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator - 220-240v

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Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator - 220-240V

Activate and infuse your THC with the Nova Lift

What Ardent Say:

Decarboxylation is the process of converting cannabis into its active form, making it bioavailable for the human body. It’s a critical step for any consumption method, especially those who prefer to consume via oral, sublingual or topical applications.

The problem with traditional decarb methods is they’re difficult to execute from home. They’re time consuming, messy, inaccurate and leave a strong smell in your home. The NOVA is the first in home decarboxylation system that delivers a perfect decarb, every time.


  • Quiet and odourless for an easy, accurate decarb
  • Saves herb (and money!) by utilising every bit of THC with a full decarb, every time
  • Prepare your own medicine, for oral, sublingual and topical use at home
  • Make strain specific edibles – taste and feel the difference
  • Get the proper dosage – get the exact effect and potency that’s right for you.
  • Run a second cycle to infuse with butter or oil

What Forbidden Fruitz Say:

Stocked in the UK for the very first time, The amazing Nova Lift Decarboxylator from Ardent. If you like to get the VERY most out of your dry herbs then this is the tool for you. The Nova Lift Decarbylator is an incredible bit of kit. It heats through your chosen herbs to bring out the strongest elements within your herb but at the same time loses very little material, less than 10% in fact. It's perfect for prepping herbs for cooking edibles, smoking or even Vaporising. The reviews online for this product are insanely good. This is not a passing trend, it's the real deal, it increases the potency of your dry herbs and gives you a 'lottle' bit extra. We cannot recommend this product enough and at this price, it's a drop in the ocean compared to how much you will save going forward. You will never look at your dry herbs in the same way again.