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Bubble bags
Written by Vicki on 5th Aug 2020

My man used this 4 first time. Bit confusing. We had 2 phone shop 2 find out what order 2 put bags in, as it wasn't on website. But of a chew on, but no doubt we'll get better next time. Got a decent amount of solid. Was a bit like squidgy black. Impressed. Yaaaaaaay

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5 x 5 Gallon Bubble Hash Bags

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5 x 5 Gallon Bubble Hash Bags enable you to extract valuable materials from your plant/trim and separate herbal extracts into different grades. Removing dust, leaf and other unwanted chemicals and holds all the finest and smallest high quality THC crystals as well as making sure no crystals escape.

Made of durable waterproof canvas - Heavy Duty Nylon thread material (600 x 300D Oxford Cloth) The bubble extraction bag is made of long lasting material, prevents from flaking and chipping after several uses.

Two types of oils/hash, the best sort which has been extracted without a chemical solvent, generally falls into the category of bubble hash extract. So there are many different ways of making it, but one of the easiest and most effective methods involve using ice & simple filter bags with a mesh that filters out the other plant matter. Cool right?

The most basic way to use these bags is to put one into the other and then filter a mixture of trim, ice, and water through them. Start with the Puple 25 Micron in the bucket first and work your way up the 

In the bag:

  • Purple (25 Microns)
  • Yellow (73 Microns)
  • Orange (120 Microns)
  • Red (160 Microns)
  • Blue (220 Microns)
  • Pressing screen (25 Micron)
  • Black storage carrying bag for easy storage


  • Bags are labeled and colour coded to corresponding micron rating. 
  • Larger bag assortment allows for more exact filtering into different grades.
  • Top quality heavy duty waterproof nylon material

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