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The DaVinci Classic Portable Vaporizer is durable and ready to go! The most popular model in the DaVinci line, the DaVinci classic vaporizer comes equipped with the ability to vaporize both loose leaf and oil. The rugged exterior design and built in stash box make your vaping sessions stealthy while on the go.

The DaVinci includes an adjustable temperature control as well as a vibrant digital display for a precise vaporizing experience. It even includes a convenient cleaning brush. The DaVinci operates at a wide range of temperatures anywhere from 100-430°F. With such a wide array of operating temperatures, the DaVinci is ideal for herbal aromatic blends, solids, and liquids,

The DaVinci is heavy-duty and ready for whatever life can throw at it. While some other portables feel dainty, fragile and cheaply made - the DaVinci looks and feels like a durable product, and is constructed from only the highest quality materials. Tested by the manufacturer and able to withstand drops of 2-3 meters, there's nothing you'll be able to dish out that the DaVinci Can't handle.

Satisfaction guaranteed with 2 years manufacturers warranty.

Suitable for dry herb, wax and concentrate.


  • Designed exclusively for dry herb and essential oils
  • Digital Display
  • Fully adjustable temperature 
  • Internal Chamber for storage
  • Pass-through Charging 
  • Built in Cleaning brush

In The Box:

  • Da Vinci Vaporizer
  • Flexi-straw
  • Three large Replacement Screens
  • Six Small Replacement Screens
  • Two Cans for Essenital Oils
  • Wall Charger
  • Instructions manual
  • Please Note For Dry Herbs, Wax and Essential Oils Not E-Liquid
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