Lifeline Pocket 6000 - 6000mAh Li-Po Portable Powerbank USB Charger - Black

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Lifeline Pocket 6000 - 6000mAh Li-Po Portable Powerbank USB Charger - Black

Grab a Lifeline and get out the door!

What Lifeline say:

These beautifully designed, sturdy units feature impressive charging capabilities thanks to advanced battery technology. All of the Lifeline Pocket range of portable chargers use Lithium Polymer batteries which are much more lightweight and efficient than NiCad or NiMh batteries of old. Li-Po batteries are capable of holding a longer charge and producing more power on demand.

Using the USB to USB2 / Apple Lightning cable, this device can be used to charge any Smartphone or electronic device… Any device that uses a USB cable can be charged from a Lifeline Pocket. All of the Pocket Lite can be charged via the mains using the USB cable provided, and any USB 3 pin charger. 

Technical Specification:

Lifeline Pocket Lite - 6000 Mah Li-Po Portable Powerbank

Charge Time: 5.5 hours

Storage Capacity: 6,000 Mah Li-Po

What Forbidden Fruitz say: 

Perfect as an emergency back up charger for your mobile phone, Vaporiser, camera… Any device that can be charged from a USB port. Lifeline Pocket Portable Chargers are great quality and durable. Designed to be as good looking as your Smartphone, unlike portable chargers of old you won’t be embarrassed to be seen plugging this bad boy in. Charge any USB Device. Available in 2 colours, the Pocket 4000, 6000 and 10,000 are essential carry items for the modern world.