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KandyPens C-Box


In the box:

  • KandyPens C-box 510 battery unit
  • Two sets of magnetic thread adapters
  • Micro USB cable
  • Users manual 


What Forbidden Fruitz say:

 The Kandypen C-Box ultimately has all the benefits of a standard 510 threaded vape but the C stands for concealed. The fact that it is concealed within its robust housing means it's not that obvious that it is a vape, it could easily pass for a portable USB charging station or MP3 player. It's versatile, it has a long battery life, it has 4 different setting to give you precision control whilst in use. It also has the ability to vape thicker oils with its higher heat setting. It's lightweight but a heavy hitter. You can use it with CBD, eLiquids, concentrates and oils. Whats not to like?

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