Juicy Jay Double Wraps Mango Papaya Twist

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Juicy Jay Double Wraps Mango Papaya Twist

JUICY wraps the worlds juiciest Cigar Wrap! 

What Juicy say:

Double Wrap Mango Papaya twist Juicy® was already the most flavourful wrap in the world, but now they have added EVEN MORE flavour! This secret intensifying process is done under perfect tobacco conditions and involves a 3 stage flavouring process. This keeps Juicy® Wraps moist and DELICIOUS, with more flavour than any other brand Juicy® Wraps are now available in many different styles, including the old “wrapped around a straw” style and the new better style called WRAPMATIC™.

What Forbidden Fruitz say:

Juicy Jay wraps are packed with flavour without being overbearing. The burn evenly and easily so no sideburn, just flavour. With three flavours to choose from, you'll most certainly want to try them all!