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Clown Town (Hemp) T-shirt 

'Clown Town' is the third in the series of designs by Mau Mau, pitching a return for the character of Evil Mac. First printed by THTC during the London 2012 Olympics, we set out to highlight the corporate greed sullying what should be a unifying international event.

'Lord' Sebastian Coe when pitching for London to host the Olympics, promised that the event would carry a strong green, ethical element and that it would leave a positive legacy for the city. In reality, it was sold off to the highest bidders. The former Olympic Village is now filled with underpopulated and unaffordable high rise apartments; the sports facilities priced out of the range of normal Londoners, while the rest of the country is left to twist in the wind of a continued policy of austerity. 

While the Olympics could - and should - be used to help generate much needed income for a country's poorer inhabitants, they simply line the pockets of government officials and sponsors. Brazil is next on the on the hit list. The world is watching. 

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