Covid-19 Coronavirus Update from ForbiddenFruitz

Covid-19 Coronavirus Update from ForbiddenFruitz


(We had a little google for a Covid19 image to post up with this blog but they are all a bit doom and gloom. Here's a pug instead.)

Greetings from the guys here at Forbidden Fruitz, we hope you’re all keeping safe!

These are turbulent times and it seems everything normal is going out the window…. But we’d like to assure our customers that we are carrying on and sending out orders as usual and we’re here to answer any questions customers may have.


We all know by now that washing our hands for 20 seconds and avoiding close contact to minimise the spreading of the virus, but please remember that the virus can live on surfaces for an unknown (as of yet) amount of time so it’s best to not share or pass on hits of your vapes or bongs as this is an easy way to pass the virus.

We do sell cleaning kits for vapes that include 70% alcohol wipes and it always a good idea to keep your gear clean, but it seems now more than ever. Beyond that we hope everybody follows official advice and keeps themselves safe!