Cannabis Oil On The Edge Of Of Being Legalised? The Alfie Dingley Story

Cannabis Oil On The Edge Of Of Being Legalised? The Alfie Dingley Story

Posted by Jordan on 15th Mar 2018

6 Year Old Boy Fighting To Treat His Epilepsy With Cannabis Oil.

Alfie Dingley

Alfie Dingley is being treated with intravenous steroids after experiencing a cluster of uncontrollable seizures. They are hoping that they let him use cannabis oil, a banned substance in the UK, to help with his symptoms as the intravenous steroids which are not working.

Alfie's mother Hannah Deacon has appealed to the Home Office and Prime Minister Theresa May to "act to help my beloved son survive and have the best life he can".

The Home Office has previously said it would consider a medical cannabis trial as an option for Alfie, but nothing has happened as of yet.

This is not the first time he has been readmitted since returning from the Netherlands where he was given cannabis oil. His parents want the government to lift its ban on the medication. Its a shame that this is having to happen just for MPs to even raise a eye-lid. With previous patients who have needed similar treatment, but again like this case, they try to push it aside.

Cannabis oil is available for medical purposes throughout Europe, including in the Netherlands where Alfie and his family spent five months paying for treatment. Ms Deacon, from Kenilworth in Warwickshire, believes the medical cannabis products “Are the only ones which have worked" to reduce her son's seizures - which occur between 20 and 30 times a day - in number, duration and severity.

                Cannawell Hemp Oil

Experts from King's College London and Australia released findings of a review of evidence on using cannabis and cannabinoids as an "add on" treatment for epilepsy, after researchers examined studies which included data on more than 3,000 patients.

They found Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound, was more effective than a placebo at reducing seizure frequency by more than 50%.

Alfie’s Mother Hannah also said: "We need your urgent compassion and action now. Please don't stand by and let my son suffer or die unnecessarily. To see him in distress in hospital with his life in danger yet again is traumatic and heartbreaking. My son is suffering!”

With a former Home Office minister has appealed for Alfie to be given a special licence to use medicinal cannabis, as well as a ex-Justice Minister Sir Mike Penning said he had "huge sympathy for the boy.”

Also backing from Sir Mike, Conservative MP for Hemel Hempstead, urged Home Office Ministers to grant the licence "immediately". He said in his view there was "substantial scientific evidence showing that cannabis is a harmful drug and, in its street form, is a gateway drug for many users".

However, he then added:

”But surely in the 21st century, we can find an acceptable way to separate the two so that patients who gain relief from the use of the drug are legally and safely able to do so whilst recreational use is still restricted"

We all sit back and wait on the decision from the government. Will Cannabis Oil become legalised for medical reasons? Let us know what you think.

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