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XVAPE Fog Portable Vaporizer

Small, smart and easy to use convection vaporiser.


The latest version, is a premium dry herb and oil vaporiser. It has a high quality anodised aluminium body with stainless steel heating chamber and jewellery grade ceramic mouthpiece.

While conduction bakes like an oven, convection uses hot air to heat the chamber. By drawing on the unit, you control your vaping temperature. Convection heating means the unit is ready to use as soon as it is switched on.

Aromatic blends get cooked by hot air from the tiny holes at the bottom without directly contacting the materials like conduction vaporisers, giving off a smooth and extremely favourable taste.

In The Box:

- Samsung 18650 2600mAh battery - (replaceable)
- Charging cable
- Concentrate pad
- Packing tool
- Small cleaning tool
- Cleaning brush
- Pair of Tweezers
- Manual


- Adjustable Temperature Control (180c-220c)
- 5 Preset Temperature Settings
- Jewellery Grade Ceramic Mouthpiece
- 18650 Samsung Battery
- LED Lights

Inspector Vape Says:

“Superb value for a convection vaporiser from the team at XVAPE”



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Width: 9.40
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Depth: 2.50

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