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This is the ultimate saffron container & the perfect vitamin container. Jewellery won't tarnish in a Minivac so you will want more than one for your goods!

Herbs will keep ultra fresh and travelling is made easy. They're terrific for small items such as buttons, beads, pins, coins and lots of other things.

Vacuum Stashes are Smell Proof, Air Tight and Water Proof.

The specialized lid mechanism sucks out air as the cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal.

Completed with its super cool & modern design.

Keeps food and herbs ultra fresh & valuables safe. 
Extremely strong and durable.

0.06 Litre Storage Capacity (Pocket Size) 73mm Tall
Approx 6.5cm in diameter and 3cm high

Please do not Hesitate ask further questions

Colours will vary.

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Width: 12.70
Height: 12.70
Depth: 12.70

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