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Meet the Tourist from FocusVape. The Tourist Vaporizer works for both Dry Herb and Wax with the touch of a button! 

The Tourist is able to achieve a unique and satisfying session for both dry herbs and concentrates because the unit actually comes with 2 different attachments for each method.

If you want to use the Tourist for concentrates, attach the wax attachment to the base. Next fill the filter with water and mount it onto the wax attachment.

Load your desired amount of wax onto the applicator, switch the unit to “Wax” mode and set your temperature. When the Tourist has reached temperature, place the concentrates into the titanium nail while drawing from the unit.

When using with herbs, select the Dry Herb attachment and screw it onto the base of the unit. Unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber and fill it with your desired herbs.

If you want to use the unit with the included water filter, screw the mouthpiece back on, remove the glass tip from the mouthpiece, fill the filter with water and place the glass water filter onto the herb attachment.

The two attachments for the Tourist allow the device to be extremely flexible when it comes to temperature.

This Vaporizer is already kicking up a storm in the vaporizer market with some reviews placing it ahead of the Firefly 2 in terms of quality and vapor production!




Changeable 18650 2,500 mAh battery

OLED display 

* Temperature range for each mode:

Botanical dry herb mode: 80‰ãÄ-240‰ãÄ / 176‰ãä-464‰ãä 

Concentrate / wax mode: 240‰ãÄ-450‰ãÄ / 464‰ãä-842‰ãä 

* Unique water bubbler for each mode

* True temperature control

Botanical dry herb mode: 10-15 cycles of vaping on one single charge

Concentrate / wax mode: 20-25 cycles of dabbing on one single charge

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