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KandyPens C-Box Pro Battery

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Brand: KandyPen
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The KandyPens C-Box Pro gives you a stylish, accommodating and satisfying way to vape your cartridges. Featuring the 510 threaded battery it can accommodate both tanks or pre filled 510 threaded cartridges which snap on using magnetic adaptors guaranteeing a secure fit.

Features & Specification: 

- Discreet, compact design
- Universal 510 Battery
- Compatible with <10.55 mm Diameter Tanks
- 4 Variable Voltages (Blue 3.4V, Green 3.6V, Yellow 3.8V, Red 4.0V)
- Micro USB charging
- 390mAh battery
- Magnetic threaded adapters
- Less then 8cm is size

What Forbidden Fruitz say:

"The KandyPens C-Box Pro ultimately has all the benefits of a standard 510 threaded vape but the C stands for concealed. The fact that it is concealed within its robust housing means it's not that obvious that it is a vape, it could easily pass for a portable USB charging station or MP3 player. It's versatile, it has a long battery life, it has 4 different setting to give you precision control whilst in use. It also has the ability to vape thicker oils with its higher heat setting. It's lightweight but a heavy hitter. You can use it with liquids & extracts, what's not to like?"

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